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Nanosentrix has been established to make highest quality products indigenously available at affordable costs to make novel innovations




 Nanosentrix was established in 2019 with a mission to provide high quality micro and nanomaterial inks and screen printing solutions


The company aims at providing customized products according to the specific needs of the customer. The company’s strong research background makes it possible to provide unique and high-end solutions to the customer’s requirements


Nanosentrix thrives to provide the best technological innovations in the field of Conductive Inks and Printable sensors to cater to various applications


01 / Flexible and printable electronics


Printed electronics is an advanced technology that combines the in-mold decorating process with printing of conductive inks. It is a process of integrating printed decorations and electronic circuitry with thermoforming and molding. We spcialise in Conductive Inks production and printing of circuit designs.

02 / Printable sensors


Printed sensors are the building blocks for the development of IoT devices for creating smart products and objects. They enable monitoring of any kind of stimulus ranging from physical to biological or biomedical inputs. We customise materials and design for printing point-of-care sensors to cater to the customers' needs.

03 / Nano Coatings


RustResist is a Nanomaterial based Anti-corrosive coatingwhich protects metal surfaces in general, and mild steel, in particular. RustResist is easily applicable through Air Compression spraying on surfaces with minimal surface preparation.

 Target customers are:

  • Automobile Industries

  • Marine Industries

  • Aerospace Industries

  • Construction & Equipment Industries

04/ Self- cleaning and scratch-proof coating for fenders


Fendercare is Nanocomposite, Polyurethane matrix which effectively makes the Fender surface self-cleaning, avoiding accumulation of Mud and Dirt. Fendercare can be easily applied on the Fender surface after a Pre-coat of Primer.

Target Customers:

Automobile Industries

05/Graphite Electrode Coating


Graphite Electrode surface coating prevents oxidation of the electrode while in use in the furnace. The diameter of the electrode tip remains larger than the uncoated electrode and the linear wear of the electrode decreases reducing the overall electrode. consumption. The coating is an aqueous solution of nanocomposite suspension which can be easily applied and cured. It gives excellent oxidation resistance during baking and during usage in Electric Arc Furnaces

Target customers:

Steel Smelting industries, Electric Arc Furnaces

06/Oil-repellant, Hydrophobic coating and cleanser for makeup brushes


Makeup Brushes are extensively used with oil based cosmetics. It is very time consuming and cumbersome to wash these used brushes. Also, there is a possibility of bacterial and fungal growth after usage due to residual cosmetics on the brushes. We have developed nanomaterial based coating to make these brushes oil repellent, antimicrobial and quick drying to overcome the demerits of conventional washing methods.

Target Customers:

Cosmetic Industries, Beauty Parlour & Spa, Personal use

07/ Fire retardant cement


Fire resistance of cement has the ability to withstand fire or to give protection against fire. The cement has several residential and commercial applications, it does not burn, cannot be set on fire and does not emit any toxic fumes. 


High rise buildings                                              

Schools and Healthcare centers etc

08/ SAFE - Self Activated Fire Extinguisher


A new eco-friendly water based extinguishing agent specifically developed for protection against electrical EV fires. When applied directly in a thermal event this agent quickly extinguishes the flames, the water cools the system, the high surface area material platelets interrupt the chain reaction and a refractory film forms which impedes oxygen diffusion to the fuel source, controlling thermal runaway. The non-combustible film also coats the packaging of adjacent cells reducing the combustible loading of the system. The material emits no smoke or toxic fumes, has a low thermal conductivity and low heat release properties, making it a right candidate for the application. The product is also an efficient extinguisher for forest fires.

Target Customers:                                                                                                      

  • EV Industry                                                                                                                     

  • Various Industrial Applications                                                                               

  • Transport Sector

  • Environmental Sector

09/ Conductive Inks


We specialise in Conductive ink production using high quality Carbon based and metal based micro and nano materials. The advantage of our conductive ink is it's printability on various substrates including paper. Also it is curable at low temperatures. Shelf life of our Inks are around 6 months at ambient conditions. 

Target customers:

​Automobile, Solar, Bio-medical, Textile, Electronics and Electrical related industries


01/ Toothpaste Tablets

Toothpaste Tablet_edited.png

Toothpaste Tablets comes in recyclable glass bottles, which is very convenient during travel. They are free of fluorides, dyes, preservatives and stabilizers, and organic pigments and flavors used for color and flavoring. The target customers are:

  • Travel and Tourism Industry

  • Hospitality Industry

  • Hospitals

  • Hostels

02/ Incense Sticks

  • The used flowers that land up in dump yards and landfills are valorized in the form of incense sticks.

  • Organic fragrances and oils are added makes it a promising environment friendly product.

03/ Orgobubble - Organic soap

  • Orgobubble is an organic soap which uses organic materials in its formulation, colours and oils are derived from organic sources.

  • These soaps can be customised in terms of its colour, fragrance, shape and size.




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